Photonics Calculators

Starting on step 3 is where the tools can be chained together to perform a scenario analysis. This is primarily done by copying the output values of one tool into the clipboard for input values in the next tool. An automated overall tool to do this seamlessly is in development and will be posted in the GitHub. All sliders can be over-ridden by the text at the right end of the slider.

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Blackbody Calculator

Interactive Planck blackbody radiation calculator in both Watts and Photon units.

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Atmospheric Transmission

Calculate runs of select different atmospheric transmission cases.

Keywords: #atmospheric transmission, #Modtran

Blackbody Through Atmosphere

Propagation of blackbody radiation through chosen atmosphere.

Flux on Detector

Calculation of radiative flux incident on detector for given parameters.

Detector Performance Calculator

Rule’07 based detector performance for incoming flux & input design parameters

ROIC SNR Calculator

Calculation of Read Out Integrated Circuit signal to noise for given inputs.

NETD – Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference

Approximate band center NETD and NEI for conditions in above specified analysis.

BAFDR – combined radiometric tool

Download from github: https://github.com/jwdevitt/BAFDR.git

Optics – Main Page

Basic Optical paramters –
Inputs: Wavelenght, EFL, Apeture, Format
Outputs: FOV, iFOV, Blur Spot, f/#

Modulation Transfer Function

Modulation Transfer Function calculation for input wavelength
and f/#

Point Spread Function

Point Spread Function for given parameters

Atmospheric Turbulence MTF

Calculation of Atmospheric MTF based on index structure
parameter CN2

Rectangular Aperture Diffraction

Visualization of rectangular aperture diffraction
by Christopher George Berger

Ground Sample Distance

Ground Sample Distance for down looking Satellite
(Nadir and off Nadir)


UNDER CONSTRUCTION … Check back soon

Simple Range Model

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Atmospheric Turbulence MTF

Calculation of Atmospheric MTF based on index structure
parameter CN2


Basic one dimensional photodiode model.

Double Diode Model

Schematic, definitions, and equations.

Photon Sail

UNDER CONSTRUCTION … Check back soon

Lidar – Photons Returned

Lidar range equation for photons returned from a scattering